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Now you can send free SMS messages to almost any major cell phone provider in the world. It's 100% free !!!
Send Free Unlimitted SMS
You can send all the SMS you want for free.
Create your Phonebook
Upload Unlimited Opt-In Phone Numbers. Organize Your Contacts Into Groups and Lists and send sms in one go.
Create Groups
you can send SMS to a group up to 10 people. And it is Free.
Getting unwanted messages ?
If you are a registered user, login into your account and go to Mobile Settings to block the sender cell phone. If you are not a registered user, please contact us, telling "your cell phone number" and the exact "message you received" to proceed to block the sender phone number.
Useful Information
Send Free SMS: complete list of world mobile service providers with mobile codes.
Enviar SMS Gratis: lista completa de los proveedores de celulares de todos los paises con sus respectivos codigos de area.

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