Q What is ?
A is a site that offers a simple and convenient way to send short text messages (SMS) to any cellular phone in the world from your computer.
Q Is this service free ?
A offers a free text messaging service to users. You can send unlimitted SMS. The sender's of the text messages are not charged any money, but the receiver may be charged, depending on their cell phone company. You will need to contact your phone company to find this out.
Q What is the purpose of ?
A was made with the intent to save people money on text messaging by offering it for free.
Q Is it possible to send the same message to more than one number at a time ?
A Yes, you can send SMS to a group up to 10 people. And it is Free.
Q Why do I need to verify my account ?
A In the past we have had problems with individuals using our service both to send spam emails and threatening emails. We now require that users verify their account using their phone number. We never share your account information.
Q How can I delete my account ?
A If you are absolutely sure that you want to delete your account, you can do so by contacting us here with your mobile number, password and the email address you registered with.
Q How can I update my profile ?
A To update your profile, you must visit the Edit Profile page. You can move through the different parts of your profile by clicking the tabs at the top of the page.
Q How can I update my mobile number ?
A You can update your mobile number on the My Mobile Settings page.
Q I didn't receive my verification or SMS ?
A If you didn't receive your SMS, wait same minutes and contact us.
Q I forgot my password
A If you can't login, you can request to reset your password or contact us if the issue continues.
Q I sent a text message from your site and it was never received, what happened ?
A In some cases it can delay some minutes. It depends of the cell phone carries.
Q My account was terminated, why ?
A If you're sending SMS to strangers, unsolicited or inappropriate content, your account will be terminated.
Q Is my information kept private ?
A Absolutely. We do not share any personally identifying information about you to any third party.
Q How can I block users from contacting me ?
A You can block people by adding their mobile to your blocked users list. Visit the Mobile Settings page to learn more about how to block people.
Q I just received a threatening text message from your site, what should I do ?
A Every SMS sent from logs the IP and the phone number of each sender. We cooperate with all law enforcement investigations. If you are a registered user, login into your account and go to Mobile Settings to block the sender cell phone. If you are not a registered user, please contact us, telling "your cell phone number" and the exact "message you received" to proceed to block the sender phone number.
Q Is it really free for the SMS recipient?
A Yes. Some providers do charge for receiving SMS if the recipient sends a confirmation SMS.
Q How can I report an error or other problem with the site ?
A To report an error or problem with the site, you can contact us.
Q I have a question and it was not answered here, what should I do ?
A You can contact us through our contact page.